the secret to beauty and sexy attraction !!

Is not difficult at all to be a beautiful woman from head to toe. Ayıracağınz yourself a few extra minutes of beauty and beauty in every woman needs to know the floor with little secrets ...

Edit your hair
You use for your hand, you drive your hair blowing in some moisturizers and hair elektiriklenen are defused. After you drive your hair is dry during bath moisturizer that people will see the bright and vivid.

Do not let your hair easy lubrication
During shampooing, if you are scanning saçınzı slightly too hard to scan instead of scanning. Also use your hair conditioner to the ends, starting ortasundan crawl.

Use the powder to make your hair more volume
Lifeless hair to revive and use baby powder if you want to appear more voluminous. Using this powder in your hair will get more oil and hair will show a thicker cords.
If you see some of you use powder you wash your hair grileştiğini. Because so many use can damage your hair.

Before drying your hair
If you want to be permanent waves, hair dryer drying machine to dry himself a while ago.

Find the solution to your baby hair
Alnınızın as a feather at the top of a small baby is very easy to have an offer for your hair. Wet your toothbrush and a little hair in front to the back that scan. You then use styling to remain on-site dry.

Protect your hair model in the morning
The model of your hair while leaving the house in the morning you wish to use later in the day you can support your hair a little buckles.

Dandruff problem last
After shampooing, massage your hair during the humid and dry with a towel and
Take bran scan. In addition, during bath şampuanınıza add apple juice. But after you apply this mixture and allow it to dry your hair kurutmayıp spontaneously. Now you can shape your hair when you get up morning.

Shape your hair easy
Biryantin dry your hair before you use such hair-forming. But it may still be slightly moist. Thus, the use of both would be more comfortable hemde your hair is easier to shape.

If you think your bathroom to make yourself feel better ...
Shower after receiving the 1.8-liter 38-degree bath water and sake (a kind of Japanese drink) and you throw a handful of sea water would be cleaned of all dead cells.

Hair care swimming ago
Before going into the sea or the pool with cold water and soak your hair. So your hair before entering the salt and chlorinated water refreshes, and protects himself.

To protect your hair shine
The only thing to do is light-colored hair, especially women, to maintain the brightness of her hair. After rinsing the hair to achieve flaring during banoydan your hair should last one or two drops of lemon to mix it with water.

Strained state of breast surgery
Point of being treated with hormonal birth control pills or menopause treatment can set the voltage to your chest. Ruscus products you use in the compressor, booster and sage gingseng Keep. Lotions containing these substances, strengthens and gives you the feeling the texture of the skin covering her breasts.

While the regime sarkarsa breasts
Women lose weight when they give a strict regime is sarktığı breasts. In this case, protein-rich regimes must. So would not lose the flexibility of elastin and collagen fibers.

Appearance of lashes
If you are driving mascara, eyelash mascara if you want to look like the show and Sticky Sticky certainly do not take the ends of lashes. Instead, try to drive deeper the roots of lashes.

Your skin parlıyorsa
Need to flatten your skin drying out. Fondöteninizi before applying creams to use matting. And the day they are gel creams are using them with care.

Swelling of the eyes
Flushed and swollen eyes in the morning when you wake up the room you sleep ventilated. Then the cotton dipped in soothing lotion on your eyes for at least 10 minutes.

The use of acetone
Very inconvenient for quotation on the nails rub Asetonlu cotton. After waiting a few seconds on the nail for this cotton can ojeyi in one motion.

Manicure secrets
At the side of the nail cut out pieces of the thin skin is not healthy at all. Therefore, the tip of excess skin pieces can be shifted to the back with the help of a little bar wrapped in cotton wool.

Fit to start the day
If you are staying in the morning tired, your body of toxins to purify the water you can drink a glass of warm lemon, mineral water in your skin with a massage if you're revived.

A good manicure
Your nails will see damage to never use a metal nail file. Cardboard, wood or plastic törpüyü prefer. Törpülediğiniz nails in the same direction, especially towards the sides than törpülediğiniz nails healthy.

Soft hands
Hand cream to your skin if you want to better the population, hold your hands on a pot full of hot water inside. Thus, the pores will open and cream on the skin can penetrate the skin easily.

Eye make-up removal
Eye makeup and cleaning the eye lid and çeversini ovuşturmamalısınız. To do this, you use the product on your eyelids, take a piece of the fountain of cotton-eye light out of the wipe in a circular motion.

Fractured quotes
If you want to be harder than nails in warm olive oil and lemon juice by adding water into your hands within a period of time to wait. Your nails will be harder than that.

Matte lips
Matte lipsticks like to use a lip liner. So shine on your lips and your lips in a separate frame, as long as too many taşırmadığınız give fullness. Only you can color your lips with lip liner. But there is a point to consider here, the pen, take your lips and vertical motion with your finger and then distribute them thoroughly.

Use of headlights
If the lights on your eyelids birikiyorsa certainly do not use oil-based lamp. Powder with intense color pigments must use headlights. Light pearl headlights very useful in this regard. Because the content of the pearl does not accumulate to adhered substances on the eye lid.

Hands, milk bath
Manicure while milk instead of water is no longer in use. Wash your hands for at least five minutes of warm milk, and especially the nails in the hands dinlendiriseniz will güçleneceklerini.

Frosted lip balm
If you are using a lip liner is an important recommendation. Pencil in a bowl with ice before you use the rest will get better results.

Dehydrated skin
If you have a lack of body water you should drink green tea and almond core care creams to use.

Dental health
Small-grained salts gums to strengthen teeth and put on your toothbrush. Then brush your teeth until the gums.
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